Pin Up Aviator Casino Game 2023


Betting-based games appeal to gamblers and those looking for something more than the usual slots and card games. One of the most interesting and innovative examples in this category is the Pin Up Aviator game. This entertainment combines elements of strategy, luck and skill, offering players a unique experience different from standard casino games.

Pin Up Aviator Game Review

The game Pin Up Aviator without a doubt stands out against the background of many other gambling entertainment. This exciting project combines the classic principles of gambling with innovative gameplay elements. At each takeoff aviator, players are immersed in the atmosphere of a real air show, thanks to stunning graphics and sound design, which makes the heart beat more often. Start playing for real money at Pin Up Casino.

Release Date2019
Game TypeCrash
Demo ModeAvailable
Available PlatformsPC, Mobile
Minimum Bid0,10$

Pin Up Aviator Start Guide

For the adventurous souls seeking fresh experiences and eager to chart unexplored territories, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide to kickstart your entertainment journey. Before soaring into the skies, delve deep into each step — the route to grand rewards will soon be lucid and navigable!

  1. Sign up on our platform.
  2. Initiate a deposit.
  3. Navigate to the “Games” section, pinpoint “Aviator”, and click its emblem to initiate.
  4. Prior to diving in, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the foundational rules and casino gaming nuances.
  5. Determine your stake and commence the game!

How Does Pin Up Aviator Function?

The thrilling Pin Up Aviator experience is elevated with a lavish introductory bonus. First-timers are greeted with an exclusive deal: a 120% boost on their initial deposit, up to a cap of 25,000 ₹. This added perk not only amplifies the joy of the game but also bolsters your prospects of securing a hefty win.

Aviator offers a thrilling online crash experience where players place wagers on an ever-growing multiplier. As the game commences, an airplane emerges on the display, gradually ascending and amplifying potential rewards. The multiplier surges in an unpredictable manner, and the crux of the challenge lies in deciding the optimal moment to halt the game and claim your earnings.

Those who decide to bet earlier will be given a better opportunity to get a higher multiplier. However, remember the risk: if you don’t stop the match before the plane “drops”, you will lose your bet. This brings an element of strategy and excitement, as players have to make decisions based on their intuition and analysis of the current state of entertainment.

Rules of the Game


Delving into the intricacies of entertainment is pivotal for informed choices. We urge you to peruse the following guidelines diligently. Keep in mind: grasping the nuances of the casino realm paves the way for both strategic triumphs and sheer enjoyment!

  • Betting: Before the start of each round, players must decide on a bet. You can set any amount within the betting limits;
  • Round Start: After the bet is placed, the round starts. The airplane starts its takeoff and the bet multiplier starts to increase;
  • Stopping the game: At any moment of the round while the plane flies the player can press the button “Pick up”, fixing the current multiplier. If the player manages to do this before the plane “falls”, he gets his winnings, calculated by multiplying his initial bet by the fixed multiplier;
  • Multiplier: The maximum multiplier that an airplane can reach is determined randomly for each round. This process is fully automated and cannot be influenced externally;
  • Time Between Rounds: A short period of time is allowed between rounds to allow players to decide on their next bet.

Tips for Playing Pin Up Aviator


To successfully play Aviator game Pin Up site, you need to approach the process with awareness and strategy. One of the key points is to study the history of the odds. This gives an idea of the potential outcomes of the next rounds and helps you analyze the odds.

It is important to keep a budget in mind. Before you start playing, determine a spending limit for yourself and stick to it to avoid big losses. And even if a series of rounds does not turn out to be successful, it is better to take a break than to try to win back on the next round.

When playing Aviator, it is important to combine a logical approach with intuition, but do not forget that in the end everything depends on luck. For beginners it will be valuable to attempt the demo mode to comprehend the mechanics of amusement without the gamble of losing cash.

Advantages of Playing Pin Up Aviator


Choosing the right gaming platform is often determined by the details that separate one platform from another. The casino Aviator game on the Pin Up casino catches your attention not only with its addictive gameplay, but also with a number of advantages that make the gaming experience even more fun and comfortable. Here are some of the key features that deserve your attention:

  • Excellent return rate;
  • Concise and clear interface for a comfortable game;
  • Opportunity to try entertainment in demo version;
  • Generous starting bonuses to motivate you to join;
  • Guaranteed game quality on mobile devices;
  • High speed and impressive graphics;
  • Reliable support team ready to help at any time.

What is the RTP for the Aviator on Pin Up?

RTP is a key indicator for everyone who gambles. It is the percentage of all bets that, on average, is returned to players in the form of winnings. At game Aviator on the Pin Up online casino, this figure is an impressive 96.4%.

What does this mean for the player? The higher the RTP, the more likely it is that, in the long run, most of the money spent on bets will come back in the form of winnings. A figure of 96.4% indicates that out of every 100₹ spent on bets, an average of 96.4₹ will be returned to the player.

This high RTP makes the Aviator crash game on Pin Up one of the most profitable games for players. However, it is important to remember that RTP is a long-term indicator and individual play sessions can vary significantly, both up and down.

Pin Up Aviator Download


More and more players prefer mobile devices for their leisure time, and the casino Pin Up understands this very well. Although you can’t download Aviator directly to your device, the developers have provided a more convenient and versatile option – the Pin Up app. With the help of this application you will be able to start playing Aviator without being tied to a specific place and time.

  1. Go to the official Pin Up website;
  2. Find the mobile app section. It is usually located at the bottom of the website or in the main menu;
  3. Download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet;
  4. Open the aviator app and log in using your credentials;
  5. Select the Aviator online game in the catalog or use the search bar.

Demo Mode

For those who want to familiarize themselves with the entertainment without risking their money, Pin Up Aviator has a special feature – demo mode. This mode permits players to drench themselves in the climate of the game, learn its mechanics and test various strategies without any financial losses.

The main difference between the demo mode and the standard game is that players bet with virtual currency. This is an ideal way for beginners to get the first experience of the game, and for experienced players to try new approaches or just have fun without fearing for their bankroll.


Is there any way to play for real money and win big at Pin Up Aviator betting game?

Sure, you can bet and start with a minimum amount of 100 Indian Rupees and win colossal amounts. Try it now!

What makes Aviator different from other gambling games?

The main difference is the unique gameplay, lack of traditional spins and symbols.

How long does one game session last?

The length of the session depends on the altitude at which the airplane loses altitude.

Can I play for free?

Indeed, you can enjoy Aviator without any cost. You’ll receive a designated amount of in-game currency that can be replenished whenever you wish.