Pin-up review Platform

The Pin-up Review Platform is a betting club survey platform that offers casino customers the ability to review and report their number one online casino. The platform also allows players to rate the clubs they play for so different players can see which are the most famous.

Pin-up Casino is an online casino with a wide selection of games and great gaming experience, owned by the very organization that claims to be the famous PokerStars online poker webpage. Our casino is authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Commission.


Here you will find a wide selection of slots, table games and live dealer games, as well as a gaming betting service.
The site is available in English, German, Russian and Swedish.
We offer incredible games and rewards, unique bonuses codes, as well as exceptional customer support!

How to use the platform?

The first thing you need to do is create an account. This should be possible by clicking on the “Register” button on the main page. After creating an entry, you need to log in and start playing.
If you really want to play for real money, you should save money. You can do this by clicking the “Deposit” button and then selecting your preferred deposit strategy. After you have postponed the payout, you can start playing for real money.
If you would like to withdraw your rewards, you can do so by clicking the Withdraw button. Then at this point you will be prompted to select your preferred withdrawal strategy.

Whenever you choose the installment method, you really want to get your rewards.

If you need help, you can click on the “Support” button”. This will take you to the support page where you can find answers to frequently asked questions, contact information, and that’s just the beginning.
The advantage of our casino is that it is easy to use and we are sure that you will find something you like here!

Types of games available on the platform

Fragment of board games:

  • Exemplary games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. 
  • They are also remembered for their rundown of live dealer games.
  • There are also various less popular games such as craps and Pai Gow poker.
  • Video poker segment: Jacks or Better and Deoces Wild.
For more information about the online platform, please visit this page.